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infant Photo Sessions


There is nothing more personal and intimate than bringing your new baby home for the first time. This session is perfect for capturing those very personal memories forever in the comfort of your own home.

For In-Studio Photo Sessions, you come to me in my Allendale, NJ studio where you will find everything you need for a perfect and smooth photo session. For In-Home Photo Sessions, I will come to your home with everything you need for a perfectly customized photo session, including blankets, baskets, hats, headbands, diaper covers, etc. This will allow you to pick and choose what works best for you and your baby in your home. This session usually lasts around 2 hrs. Infant should be 1-3 weeks old so be sure to book a few months in advance.

The session fee of $300 includes my time preparing, traveling, and capturing your little one as well as any post production time spent making every image perfect with professional and expert touch ups.

This session includes your infant, two parents and two siblings*.

Custom Infant Photo Packages

All Infant Photo Package INCLUDE the Session Fee of $300.

Spend $900 on Infant Packages, Prints, and/or Products and receive a Complimentary Digital Download of your entire Album.

For more photo package options, visit my Photo Package Pricing page.

Personalized Fill-in Baby Books

Starting at $200

What to Expect


  • Crank up the heat. Babies love to be warm, and we love to undress those sweet little bundles to capture them in their most natural state. So crank up your heat or turn down your AC to around 80 degrees about 20 min before your session.
  • Pull out any textured blankets, baskets, headbands, hats, diaper covers, etc. you have on hand that we can incorporate. But no need to stress! I will provide enough of everything we need if you don't have any of these items.
  • Make way for windows! I like to use natural light for infants so I will often use your largest, brightest window space for your infant shots.
  • Tidy up. Listen, I get it, I am a mom of 3. I don't expect your home to be immaculate, but I do like to move around your house and use different elements of your space including the nursery, curtained windows, and your bedroom so tuck away anything you feel necessary to feel comfortable with me in the various rooms of your home.


  • Solids, neutrals, no crazy prints. I like for the baby to be the focus of your album, not your clothing. Think of yourself as your baby's canvas.
  • Coordinate with each other. But don't be too "matchy". Parents and siblings should wear tones that are similar and go well together but don't wear all the same thing.
  • Email me with any concerns or if you need some wardrobe advise. I am happy to assist!


  • Well fed. Feed your baby before the session starts so they have a nice full tummy. Don't rush your baby either. If you are still feeding your baby when I get to your home, don't stress, I can sit and chat with you (or your hubby if you want a little privacy) and get things set up while you focus on your baby.


  • RELAX. Know that your baby will be in good hands. I have done over 60 infant photo sessions and have been in many different homes. Every baby and family is different and unique and beautiful. We will get the shots that we need, even if your baby is not asleep right when I get there, or if you both got zero sleep the night before and your exhausted, or your little one is just having a fussy day, it will be okay!
  • RELAX! Did I already say this?? It is important because your baby is so well connected to you that they know when you are stressed, and a stressed Mama equals a stressed baby!