An #ISTILLDOLOVE Story {Dale & Monica}

Here is another GREAT couple! Monica was my first #ISTILLDOLOVE couple's survey submission so I am happy to share their fun #ISTILLDOLOVE story on the blog today!

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Meet Monica and Dale, they are friends of ours through our Church. They sit behind us every Sunday in church with their ADORABLE 3 children. My kids love to sneak peaks at what their kids are up to behind the pew. So cute. We have never shared our love stories with each other so it has been fun to get to know their #ISTILLDOLOVE story too! I am loving these photos Monica sent in from their life together!

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2. HOW DID YOU MEET YOUR SPOUSE?: I actually meet and ditched him at a club in Salt Lake City.

3. WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE YOU WANTED TO MARRY HIM/HER?: His love and compassion for everyone.

4. SHARE YOUR LOVE STORY!: We met at the VIP section at a club in Salt Lake City. I was with my twin. He came in with a group of men. Little did I know that his friend had asked him which twin do you want. He told me it was the best choice he made in his life, because he chose me.
I had a rule that I would not date someone from a club. So when he got up I quickly had a friend sit next me the rest of the night. But when his roommate came for a date with my sister. He was also there. So slowly we became friends. Then one day, I got a notice that I was going to have flowers delivered. I was all worried because I thought they might be from someone else. After all my worries, I opened the card and it said "Just because, Del. I knew right then that we were past the friendship point. The only hard part was knowing that in as little as three months he would be moving back to New Jersey. So I had to make the decision early, with my father’s help, that I would also move to New Jersey. So he moved in September 2002 and I ended up moving in May 2003. So we live together and worked a lot, to the point where the only time we would see each other was sleeping by him. So something happened and he needed to get new insurance and he was having such a big hassle, I joked if that we got married he could join my insurance that day. He said why not. So we scheduled it at City Hall as soon as we could.

5. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT YOUR SPOUSE ON YOUR WEDDING DAY?: My sister came down from upstate New York. And my dad and stepmom flew in from Utah. No one else could make it to my wedding. Because of the short notice. But we had a short wedding at City Hall and Wayne. And then Del‘s mom surprised us by making a small reception at Novelli‘s and Wayne. She had decorated it with flowers and even a small wedding cake. I had fun watching everybody converse at the table. And enjoyed seeing how happy all of us were.

I think the day we were sealed in the temple was more memorable. My mom and stepdad had flown in from Utah. We woke up early and made it to the temple in New York. The joy, peace and happiness I felt at the temple surpassed my wedding day. The tears that came through on my face when my little Alexa came in dressed all in white were indescribable.


7. WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING MARRIED?: I get to be with my best friend at the end of the day every day.

8.WHAT IS THE HARDEST THING ABOUT BEING MARRIED?: Admitting or compromising when you’re wrong.

7. SHARE YOUR BEST TIPS TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE!: Never go to sleep or leave the house without saying you love them and kissing them .


My New Jersey/New York Friends!

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