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Do you "Still Do"? No matter how long you have been married, you can relate to this.

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#istilldolove I still do Love Bergen County New Jersey Photographer

The other night, I was shopping for new client wedding gifts and came across this hashtag... #istilldo. And for whatever reason, that simple statement jumped out at me as I quickly clicked through the links to learn more. The more I found, the more I liked. I realized that there are many good people out there, like myself, who truly value a kind and loving marriage. These people are dedicated to the commitment a marriage requires. I even came across a group who are passing out little cards wherever they go that simply say: "I still do" to help spread their message. What a great reminder of what long lasting love really is about!

Here is my take on this concept...

A few weeks have passed now, since I came across this idea and I just haven't been able to get the concept out of my mind. I think about it daily. And with valentine's day coming up, I thought, it must be a sign, I had better do something about it. So I've been letting my creative juices flow, to really understand why this concept is calling to me and have begun to conceptualize what I was going to do to contribute to such a simple yet profound idea.

I started by thinking about my own "I do" to my sweet husband. Our wedding day was filled with excitement, energy, and a tremendous love between the two of us. We were married inside a beautiful temple at the top of a cliff overlooking the San Fransisco Bay. I wore a simple white 3/4 length sleeve, princess cut dress with a white satin sash around my waste. I remember loving my long veil and sweet simple necklace my mom had bought for me before my wedding day. I wanted to be a timeless bride. Simple but timeless.

But what I remember most is how I loved the idea of having our whole unknown life ahead of us. I was excited to create many memories together with my new companion. I hoped that, just like I wanted to be a timeless bride, I also wanted to have a timeless marriage and love.  I don't know that I realized what it would take to get that kind of love.

And now, after 12 years of marriage and 3 cute kids, I am realizing now that to achieve such a masterful, timeless love I am still saying "I do", every day. Not just to my hubby, but to my kids too and our family as a whole. To me, "I still do" means I choose them above all else.

"I still do" even when you have made a mistake,

"I still do" even when you've said something hurtful

"I still do" even when I have been unkind.

Would you like to know the secret to our "still do's"?

Communication, patience, kindness, time together, apologies, and forgiveness... every day.

"I am sorry" because "I still do"

"I forgive you" because "I still do"

"I am sharing with you something that is bothering me" because "I still do". 

"Will you go on a date with me?" because "I still do"

Every day it is a choice. You are choosing your spouse over all else, every day for the rest of your life. And your spouse should choose you too.

And that love you had on your wedding day, called young love?

Over the years becomes wise love. Lasting love.

"I still do" love.

And if you find yourself in a marriage that has been less than what you expected, because of circumstances completely out of your control, seek the help that you need! Be brave. Do the right thing. Be kind. Reach out to friends and family for help, love and support.

Be a supporter of the right kind of love!


So this Valentine's Day, join me in celebrating my #istilldolove campaign for long lasting, happy marriages.

In the comment's section below tell me in 3 words the secret to your happy marriage!

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From now until valentines Day, I have decided to honor those happy couples by offering a mini "I Still Do" photo session for husband's and wives to celebrate their #istilldolove. I can't think of a better way to celebrate your love on Valentines Day! Be sure to order a photo book for your coffee table too! It will be something your guests and kids will ooze over for years to come.

No matter how long you have been married, this session is to honor YOU and your #istilldolove.

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