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I am 3 weeks old, love my mom and dad, naps and bright windows.

I am so excited to share my  newborn photo session with you!

Isn't he the CUTEST?

I have been so excited to meet this little man!

He belongs to my long time good friends and clients who gave me the opportunity to take their wedding photos a few years ago.

I love it when I get to capture such important milestones of my returning client family's lives. When they announced they were expecting I was SO excited to have the opportunity to capture the next major milestone in their growing family's life.

During his infant photo session, this sweet little guy absolutely loved all the big bright windows in my studio and really couldn't get enough of them. 

The goal for every newborn photo session is to put the baby to sleep, so i can position them safely into those sweet sleepy positions, but every now and then, I get a super alert baby. This little guy happened to be one of them and I loved it!

When my clients babies are more alert, I roll with it and get some amazing shots of their very rare awake moments.

Though the sweet sleepy pictures you typically see in a professional newborn photo session are lovely, there is something special about a WIDE awake brand new baby isn't there?

It's kind of my favorite.

I love love love these.

 And I think his mom and dad loved these awake ones best too. :-)

After spending some time oozing over his adorable alertness, we cozied him up, and settled him into that perfect, newborn baby sleepy bliss to get some sweet sleeping pictures too.

Doesn't he have the sweetest little toes?

I love baby feet.

His mama even got some snuggle time. I love his little smile in this next one.

So so sweet.

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When Should I book my Newborn Photography Session? Premier Bergen County Newborn Photographer


When should I book my Newborn Photo Session?

This is a great question! One that I get asked ALL THE TIME by my clients. It is really important too! This is what I recommend...

I tell all my expecting mommy clients about what I like to call the "golden hour" of infant photography.


The "golden hour" of infant photography is a magical time-frame of your newborn's life where they are perfectly sweet and supremely sleepy... So sleepy that they will allow me to safely position them into any sweet and cozy position. Any guesses on when this time-frame is??

Believe it or not, you should book your baby photo sessions for when your baby is 1-2 weeks old!

The Golden Hour of infant photography begins the first few weeks of your baby's life. It is the perfect time to capture your baby in their freshest, most sleepy, and compliant state... Meaning, once your baby is asleep, I will be able to pose your sleeping baby much easier than an older baby. They grow and become aware so fast, it is important to stick within the 1-2 week time frame.  Any older and your baby will have a harder time falling asleep and will be less likely to tolerate being moved around or positioned after they have fallen asleep. You want your baby so sleepy they will allow me to safely position them into any sweet and safe position. So book your Newborn Photo Session early to secure your spot.

I also offer in-hospital photo sessions. Contact me for more details.


You've decided to go ahead and book your first baby photo session, now what?

Well, you contact me of course!

From there, we will discuss your due date, whether you will be having a scheduled C-Section, your vision for your baby's photo session, whether you want an in-home newborn photo session or an in-studio newborn photo session and we will also discuss possible booking dates.

If you are not having a scheduled C-Section, I will block out the two weeks surrounding your due date to make sure you have a secured booking date as we never know when those babies will make their appearance!

Then we plan and organize your baby photo session over the months/weeks leading up to your due date to ensure everything is in order.

Once you have had your sweet baby, I ask that you contact me as soon as you can so we can solidify a final date for your Newborn Photo Session.

If you have any questions or would like to book your Newborn Photo Session please feel free to contact me!

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