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Wondering what to wear for your upcoming Infant Photo Session?

That's good because what you wear plays a huge impact on the feel of your album. In my Infant Photo Sessions, I not only focus on beautiful portraits of just your baby but I also LOVE capturing the candid, personal and intimate moments between you and your baby. So it's important to be dressed to not only showcase your baby, but also allow for those sweet moments to show through and not get muddled by distracting clothing from mom or dad.

My goal in every photo session is to stay honest and real. Those first few weeks of your baby's life are spent simply... at home, with the ones you love. No fancy clothing, hair or tons of make-up, just real, honest, and purely intimate moments with you, your spouse and your little one. Those are the moments I aim to capture.


  • Solids, neutrals, no bright colors, or crazy prints. I like for the baby to be the focus of your album, not your clothing. Think of yourself as your baby's canvas. Maybe a soft blue tank top, a simple mauve knit maxi dress, or a basic knit top. Remember, keep it soft, keep it neutral, keep it simple and most importantly... KEEP IT HONEST AND REAL.
  • Coordinate with each other. But don't be too "matchy". Parents and siblings should wear tones that are similar and go well together but don't wear all the same thing.
  • Do your hair and make-up but keep it simple. Remember, you will be in the photos but it is your baby who we are showcasing. And a little honesty and simplicity makes your photo session seem more honest and real life.
  • Email me at info@halleyannphotography.com with any concerns or if you need some wardrobe advise. I am happy to assist!
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What to Expect at your Upcoming Family Photo Session

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Your Upcoming Family Photo Session is around the corner!

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  • Coordinate with each other. But don't match. Wear tones that are similar and go well together but don't dress in all the same thing (ex. avoid everyone in white shirts and jeans). 
  • Dress to impress. Remember you will be preserving this time in your family's life for a long time. It is worth the effort! So go the extra mile and dress up a bit. 
  • Accessorize. Create some interest with layers (vests, cardigans, scarves, hat, boots, wool button up coat, etc.)
  • Keep it simple and lean towards neutrals. Stick with solids, different textures, stripes, plaids, etc. Avoid neons, logos and loud prints. 
  • Pick one favorite piece (dress, shirt, sweater, etc.) and then work off that piece for everyone else.
  • Email me with any concerns or if you need some wardrobe advise. I am happy to assist!
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  • Well fed. Feed your children before our session. BRING SNACKS and water. We will have snack breaks throughout our session as needed. 
  • Don't be afraid to carry a pack of gum or their favorite bite sized hard candy to keep their spirits up. A little sweet can do wonders for some kids.


  • RELAX. Know that your children will be in good hands. I have done over 200 photo sessions and have worked with many different families. Every child and family is different and unique and beautiful. We will get the shots that we need and have a lot of fun in the process.
  • RELAX! Did I already say this?? It is important because your child/children are so well connected to you that they know when you are stressed, and stressed out parents equals stressed out kids!


(If booking an In-home Session)

  • For most, the thought of bathing and dressing multiple children, for an appointed time is daunting enough, but then throw in the idea that the house needs to be clean, too? I get it. I am a mom of three and know how quickly a home can turn upside down! Try to focus on 1-3 rooms or areas of the house to tidy but not so spick and span that your kids no longer recognize it as home. The important thing is not to stress. I won’t judge the bulging closet or the avalanche of toys hidden in the corner.

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