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I am Halley. Located in Bergen County New Jersey.

I am a lifestyle photographer, digital designer, mommy, carpool driver, hugs and kisses giver, tears wiper, rock climber, mountain hiker, church goer, friend supporter, sister and wife. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Child Life and have always had a love for children, family, and relationships. My greatest passion is capturing everyday life in its most natural form and preserving those fleeting moments in a casual and relaxing way.

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At each photo session, I allow my clients to be 100% themselves and encourage natural, fun and loving interactions. I'll play with your kids and encourage you to play with them too.

I'll be there for every sweet and intimate moment with your brand new baby and capture interactions between you, your spouse, other children and your baby. I have 10 years of experience in getting little ones to sleep and know how to safely position them.

I'll be there on your wedding day to capture every moment and every detail... big and small.

I understand angles, lighting, and my gear.

My style is honest, light, airy and vibrant. I try to stay classic, clean and timeless. I want your images to last a lifetime and will always remain in style because they are honest moments of you and your family.

As a wife and mom of three beautiful children, I know the importance of preserving those precious moments of your child's life, or how special and irreplaceable the memories are of your big day with the love of your life. I strive to capture the natural beauty in each child, family and relationship and believe every moment in life can be beautiful.

Life is all in the details. Contact me for more info.


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